happy patientUrgent Care Vs. Retail Clinics In Saugus, MA

Healthcare consumers have more options than ever to seek care for their minor and urgent care needs. However, it is important for patients to know what they’re getting out of some of these faster retail health options.

Retail Clinics

Retail clinics, usually branded as their own provider segment, are small locations intended to provide a convenient healthcare setting for their patients. Usually, retail clinics are located in large wholesale stores like Walgreens or a Walmart to provide extra healthcare convenience for patients. However, many retail clinics don’t provide comprehensive care that is usually found at an urgent care center. Urgent care centers provide the same services as retail clinics, such as minor injury treatment, but also have a variety of other important healthcare services.

Our Health Services

AFC Urgent Care offers many health services that most primary care services offer as well as emergency rooms and doctors’ offices. AFC Urgent Care Saugus thrives off its convenience for our patients. Our services will consist of the following:

  • Urgent care centers can perform x-ray services unlike most retail clinics
  • Urgent care centers are staffed with board-certified physicians while retail clinics only have medical assistants or nurse practitioners as their only operator
  • Urgent care centers provide lab tests, STD testing, and other diagnostic services that retail clinics can’t normally provide.
  • Urgent care centers also operate on their own hours whereas retail clinics stay open based on the hours of their retail location.

Patients that want fast and convenient healthcare services without the long ER wait, or the lack of comprehensive care at retail clinics, should come to AFC Urgent Care Saugus! Patients can come into our location at 317 Broadway in Saugus without an appointment since walk-ins are always welcome. For more information call us at 781.233.1000 or check-in online walk-ins are always welcome!